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Stegimondo successfully launched

Our newest Start Up Stegimondo has been successfully launched. It is operating in the marketplaces / vertically integrated service plattforms segment. Stegimondo is the world’s first online roofer. Every homeowner can enter a few questions online on www.stegimondo.de and upload pictures of his house and the roof. The team of roofers, carpenter, technicians and mathematicians uses this […]


More than 10 years of ICS Finance

ICS Finance was founded in 2003 by Franz-Philippe Przybyl. Our main activities were in structuring, capital raising and company development as well as fund management.


Structured companies grow 3x faster

An award-winning research paper has shown that high-growth companies who implement professional management and operations structures grow on average 3x faster. If done correctly these systems and structures do not kill the entrepreneurial spirit. When the headcount reaches between 50 and 100 the threshold is reached to transform from freestyle founder driven systems to a […]


What does a growth catalyst do?

A catalyst is a substance that enables or accelerates a chemical reaction without being affected itself. A catalyst is also a person or a thing that quickly causes a change or action. People or organizations at some time in their life need external input to re-ignite growth or to initiate the necessary changes in order to […]